Collision Repair Houston

Your car can take a lot of abuse, from unexpected hazards like runaway parking lot grocery carts, flying chunks of road debris, to minor fender benders. As a result, many drivers are tempted to ignore superficial damage to their vehicle’s bumper, and put off repairs to save some money and time. But is that a smart move when it comes to your vehicle? First of all, having a bumper or siding with cracks, scratches or dents just doesn’t looks bad, no matter how much you wash or shine it. Also, there are several other reasons why you should promptly get those dents and scratches fixed, even if it’s not vital to the vehicles performance.

1. Resale Value

Cars with dents, scratches, bumps, dings, or more serious body damage send up red flags to potential buyers, as it could mean you’re trying to hide an accident that could have effects on the vehicles longevity. Noticeable body damage to the car can lower the vehicles resale value from one category to the next i.e excellent to good, and lose you $100s.

2. Chipping, Peeling Paint Worsens Over Time

Dents can cause cracks and chips in the paint, and over time that paint will begin to peel away and chip off in larger pieces in and around the dented area. Not only does that look bad, but the paint is actually protecting your vehicle, meaning that without it the metal underneath is exposed and can cause problems with the quality and integrity of your vehicle’s body.

3. Exposed Metals Can Rust

When the metal on a car is exposed it becomes susceptible to rust. One it begins to rust it can cause far more damage to the vehicle than the original accident. A dent or scratch may not seem like a big deal but it is still best to have it taken care of immediately to avoid causing more problems down the road and losing you money when the time comes to sell the vehicle.
When it comes to Collision Repair Houston, ABC Bodyshop is the way to go. Conveniently located off of 59 next to the famous Houston Grand Prix go-carts, we serve the north-Houston area with quality service at an affordable price.